Volunteer Mulch provides only the best eco-friendly, hard wood mulch.  We process our mulch onsite and only use biodegradable dyes that are safe for the environment; our colorants are composed of coloring pigments (both organic and inorganic), water, humectants, resins, and some preservative additives.


We have three vibrant colors to choose from 

Midnight Black

Midnight Black:  A beautiful contrast to the bright colors of your flora.  $28/yard


Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown:  A great way to enhance the tones found in nature, our chocolate is just rich enough to bring life to the centerpiece of your yard.  $25/yard





Natural Brown

Natural Brown: Lighter brown is a cost effective way to bring texture and visual appeal to flowers and plants. $20/yard

How do I get mulch?

Volunteer Mulch offers two ways to get mulch

Mulch ranges from $20 - $28/yard plus tax. The minimum delivery amount is one yard and we charge a delivery fee of $3.50 per mile one way ($20 minimum fee).


1. Order by telephone for pick-up or delivery:

Call us at (865) 320-4002 weekdays between 8AM – 5PM and 8AM – 2PM Saturdays.


2. Pick it up yourself:

To pick up one or more yards in your truck just come by our conveniently located Everett Road location weekdays between 8AM – 5PM, Monday thru Friday and 8AM – 2PM Saturdays. You can also pre-pay so your landscaper can come pick it up as needed.


We encourage you to shop online or stop by to touch and see it in person, either way you can pick up yourself, have your landscaper get it, or schedule for delivery.  

 We accept cash, check, Visa,

Mastercard, or Discover

Yes we deliver!


Call us at  (865) 320-4002

Or use our contact form.


8 am - 5 pm Weekdays

8 am - 2 pm Saturdays

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