Some mulching tips to help your mulch look it's best

How do I use mulch?

Properly installed mulch is not only beautiful but provides many benefits as well. To install it properly all you need to do is,


1. Prepare the area - Remove all weeds and grass, pull them with their roots. Be sure to follow directions if you choose to use any chemicals to kill weeds first, and remember not to use any chemicals near anything you will be eating. Better yet use some landscape fabric, or for a more biodegradable option, several layers of newspaper or cardboard (remove any labels first) to help further block weeds from returning. Also if you are going to install a rock border or edges, this is the time to do it so you can shape the bed, contain the mulch, and get a professional look for your property.


2Figure how much mulch you need - We sell mulch by the cubic yard, but don’t let that intimidate you, it is easy to determine how much you will need. Simply measure the square footage of the space/s you plan to cover with mulch (multiply the length times the width). Then divide that number by 80. You can also use our Mulch Calculator to do the math for you!


3. To spread the mulch  A pitchfork works best to spread the mulch evenly around your plants. The goal is to have an even consistent coverage that is 2 – 4 inches thick. Make sure to lift plant leaves that fall close to the ground so the mulch can be tucked under them and around the root stem, careful not to go as deep and bury the root though. When mulching around trees make a ring around them, keeping the mulch about 4 inches from the very edge of the trunk. Piling mulch against the bark of a tree or a plant prevents moisture from flowing and causes rotting, leaving your plants/ trees vulnerable to insects and disease. For a professional look make sure to mold the edges for a raised bed effect and smooth it by hand or contact one of our recommended landscapers.


4. To maintain the mulch  With time, the top layer of mulch will fade some from exposure to rain and sun. Rake the top layer off to reveal the original color.

To spread mulch properly under a tree please pay careful attention to the drip line, the height of the mulch and make sure that the mulch doesn't touch the bark of the tree.

Here is a close up to see how the mulch should not touch the tree trunk as well as how to professionally spread the mulch.

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